Mural commissioned at Pop Brixton celebrates local community

Latest mural by local graffiti artist Tizer done at Pop Brixon
Brixton street artist Tizer was busy yesterday evening (Wednesday 11 September) creating his latest mural – 6.5ft by 13ft – in front of a chilled crowd at Pop Brixton.

The finished mural was then gifted by the Johnnie Walker team that commissioned the artwork to local charity Make Shift Foundation in support of its community work. The Foundation supports young people into enterprise and employment.

Johnnie Walker has been running a highball bar at Pop Brixton over the summer   which will close at the end of September 2019.

Tizer puts finishing touches to latest mural at Pop Brixton

Graffiti artist Tizer said:  “I was delighted to be chosen for this collaboration with Johnnie Walker highball and Pop Brixton. I love creating pieces that tie-in with where I’ve grown up, and it’s easy to be inspired by the vibrant culture all around here in Brixton.”

James Leay, managing director of POP welcomed the partnership. “We are pleased to see this project support the great efforts of the MS Foundation which aims to widen access to enterprise and employment opportunities in the local community through the provision of training and by providing access to affordable events and working space at Pop Brixton.”

Bayo Obasaju, Make Shift Foundation programme lead, said: “Make Shift Foundation is absolutely committed to investing into the long-term future of communities through working with young people to help them realise their potential.”

Johnnie Walker’s brand ambassador and bartender Ali Reynolds said: “Pop Brixton is definitely the place for people interested in experiencing new and diverse flavour combinations. As a Brixton resident, I’ve loved working within my own neighbourhood to showcase the bold and colourful world of Johnnie Walker Highballs.

“The highball has been enjoying a surge in popularity around the world with people on the look-out for long drinks that look great and taste amazing. It’s super easy to make – just a combination of Scotch and mixer over ice in a tall glass. There are no strict rules or recipes to follow, but for people who like a recommendation, we’ve come up with the Johnnie Walker Highball Collection, where we suggest mixing it with peach, lemon, green tea, elderflower or ginger.”

Johnnie Walker highball bar at Pop Brixton will  close at the end of September 2019.