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We are an online community newspaper covering Brixton, London. As well as our online presence, we publish a monthly newspaper with a print run of 10,000 that you can pick up from many places around Brixton.

We cover local news, culture, food and sport for the benefit Brixton residents, visitors and all those with a link to the area.

The Brixton Blog and Brixton Bugle are published by Brixton Media CIC. It is a Community Interest Company which must be run for the benefit of the community. Any profits must be reinvested in the business or community and not distributed to shareholders.

The Brixton Blog and Brixton Bugle are regulated by Impress – the independent monitor for the press.

We aim…

  • To be a trusted source of accurate news about the Brixton area
  • To uphold community values at all times and to promote community groups, businesses and organisations through partnership and outreach.
  • To be a hub for information on all elements of local life – a one stop shop for residents of and visitors to Brixton.
  • To maintain a high standard of journalistic ethics.
  • To provide opportunities for journalism students to gain experience
  • To entertain, amuse and stimulate discussion.


Currently our main source of funding is through advertising in our newspaper and online. In the past we have received one-off grants from The Journalism Foundation and the Carnegie Trust.

If you wouldd like to discuss advertising or sponsorship, visit our page about advertising options.

None of section editors and contributors are paid (apart from their expenses) – all work in other jobs, sacrificing a lot of their social time to write for the Blog & Bugle. They are motivated by a love for Brixton and the good of the community.


Where it all started

The Brixton Blog and Bugle were established by Zoe Jewell and Tim Dickens.

Zoe was born and raised in Brixton, growing up with the view from the top of Brockwell Park, swimming in the Rec, and jostling through the crowds on Brixton Road. She started the original blog in 2010 and was joined in January 2012 by Tim. He was a more recent immigrant to south London. He grew up by the Essex coast and moved to London in2008. He earned his stripes working as a journalist for the Bromley Times and then the Ilford Recorder. Tim fell in love with Brixton the moment he moved into a flat above the Effra Tavern.

Together Tim and Zoe expanded the breadth of their reporting and in June 2012 began publication of the Brixton Bugle newspaper. In November 2013 they were nominated for Innovation of the Year at the British Journalism Awards.

In September 2015 Zoe and Tim took a step back after years of hard work both holding down full-time jobs and publishing the Brixton Blog and Bugle. Linda Quinn, a Glaswegian by birth and a Brixtonian by residence, picked up the reins. She moved to Brixton in the 1970s so lived through many waves of changes to the Brixton area. Linda passed away in February 2021 and was succeeded as editor by her partner Alan Slingsby.

The Bugle suspended publication during the Covid lockdowns, resuming in April 2022.

Brixton Media converted to Community Interest Company status in early 2017 and the team is working hard to make the Blog & Bugle a long-term sustainable community resource.

Work with us

We are always on the look out for great people to join us in writing about Brixton news and it’s community.

Send us a story

Have an interesting story; took a fun photo; want to share an opinion or you have a great event coming? Get in touch.