Film, poetry and discussion at Ritzy for Mental Health Awareness Week

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Brixton based charity Poetic Unity and Dark Matter, a marketing agency connecting Black audiences with culture and the arts, will screen the film Brother at the Ritzy during Mental Health Awareness Week in May.

The two organisations say the event underscores their commitment to addressing vital community issues through innovative cultural experiences.

Brother tackles themes including masculinity, identity, mental health, race and family.

After the showing on Monday 13 May, Poetic Unity will host live poetry from Magero and Jerome Scott, and a discussion on mental health designd to foster a deeper understanding and empathy among those taking part.

Backed by the beats of Toronto’s early hip hop scene, Brother is the story of Francis and Michael, sons of Caribbean immigrants. An unfolding mystery and escalating tensions set off a series of events that change their lives forever.

It deals with the profound bond between siblings, the resilience of a community and the irrepressible power of music, and explores the realities of mental health through a powerful narrative that presses viewers to confront and challenge the stigma of mental illness.

“As a charity that puts young people’s mental wellbeing first, it felt important to screen Brother during Mental Health Awareness week,” said Ryan J. Matthews-Robinson, founder and CEO of Poetic Unity.

“Its authenticity and relatability will have a profound impact on anyone that sees it and we can’t wait to show this to our audience alongside some amazing performances and discussion.”

Micallar Walker, CEO and founder of Dark Matter, said: ”We’re always looking for expansive ways to connect audiences with important issues affecting our community.

“We’re really excited to support Poetic Unity’s aims to reach young people with this screening.

“Their idea to merge cinema, poetry, and discussion will be impactful whilst creating a necessary space for community building and reflection.”

The screening at the Ritzy in Brixton is at 6pm on Monday 13 May.

More information and tickets 

Poetic Unity is a Brixton based charity that provides support and services for children and young people aged 10-30 years old across the UK. 

Its vision is to help young people find their voice, feel valued in society and to empower them to reach their highest potential. 

It uses poetry as a tool to support young people’s mental health, education, personal development, physical health, and community cohesion.

Founded in 2015, it delivers hundreds of programmes and events every year for the community with 1,421 services provided to 40,000-plus young people to date.


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