Brixton Bugle front pageTo help keep the Brixton Blog + Brixton Bugle as a sustainable community enterprise, we are at present solely funded by advertising sponsorship.

We are here to promote Brixton’s excellence – the talent and imagination of the people of Brixton — its food and drink, its entrepreneurs, its artists and makers, its venues and events. We would also like to hear from service providers helping the Brixton community, whether charities or technicians – mechanics, plumbers, electricians, carpenters, gardeners, healthcare professionals. Tell Brixton you are here.

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Brixton Bugle & Blog Media Pack 2019

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When is the next Bugle published?

Below is our publishing schedule for 2019. Please pay particular attention to the deadlines for supply of artwork.

FEBRUARY Deadline THURS 31 JANUARY. Publication date Friday 8 February

MARCH / APRIL ISSUE Deadline TUES 5 MARCH. Publication date Friday 15 March

MAY Deadline TUES 8 APRIL. Publication date Thursday 18 APRIL

JUNE Deadline THURS 9 MAY Publication date Friday 17 May

JULY Deadline THURS 6 JUNE. Publication date Friday 14 June

AUGUST Deadline THURS 11 JULY. Publication date Friday 19 July

SEPTEMBER Deadline THURS 22 AUGUST. Publication date Friday 30 August

OCTOBER Deadline THURS 19 SEPTEMBER. Publication date Friday 27 September

NOVEMBER Deadline THURS 10 OCTOBER. Publication date Friday 18 October

DECEMBER/JAN Deadline THURS 5 DECEMBER. Publication date Friday 13 December

Further information

For further details contact or call Jenny on 07811 878394.

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