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To help keep the Brixton Blog and the Brixton Bugle as a sustainable community enterprise, we are at present solely funded by advertising sponsorship.

We are here to promote Brixton’s excellence – the talent and imagination of the people of Brixton — its food and drink, its entrepreneurs, its artists and makers, its venues and events. We would also like to hear from service providers helping the Brixton community, whether charities or technicians – mechanics, plumbers, electricians, carpenters, gardeners, healthcare professionals. Tell Brixton you are here. email or call 07973 214648.

Brixton Bugle & Blog Media Pack

View or download our PDF with all the information about advertising in the Brixton Bugle and Blog

When is the next Bugle published?



  Ads (Monday) Editorial (Thursday) Print (Monday) Distribute (Wednesday)
September 26 Aug 29 Aug 2 Sept 4 Sept
October 23 Sep 26 Sep 30 Sept 2 Oct
November 21 Oct 24 Oct 28 Oct 30 Oct
December 18 Nov 21 Nov 25 Nov 27 Nov
Jan/Feb 25 20 Jan 23 Jan 27 Jan 29 Jan


Advertising rates

Please talk to us about how we could extend the impact of a Bugle advertisement through the Brixton Blog and our social media.

Size Number of insertions Dimensions
  1 2 3  
Small ad £75 £125 £170 64 wide x 75 mm deep
Eighth Page £130 £240 £340 132 wide x 75 mm deep
Quarter Page £250 £475 £625 132 wide x 155 mm deep
Half Page £460 £875 £1200 268 wide x 155 mm deep
Full Page £875 £1600 £2200 268 wide x 338 mm deep

More information

Adverts must be supplied as high resolution (minimum 300dpi) CMYK PDFs.

If you have questions about how to supply an advert, please contact

We can produce artwork for you at a flat rate of £17 for sizes up to and including a quarter page and £28 for anything larger.

Brixton Media reserves the right to refuse or remove any advertisement without explanation or notice.


Payment for all Brixton Bugle advertising is due within 28 days of the receipt of an invoice and voucher copy of the Brixton Bugle containing the advertisement invoiced.

Brixton Blog advertising

The Brixton Blog is an indispensable source of up to date, accurate and readable reports about the community, people, issues, arts, sport, business and more in Brixton. The Brixton Blog’s average daily traffic in the week 28 February – 6 March 2022 was 887 page views and 699 unique visits. The Blog also has a large following in social media: It has 29,000 Twitter followers Its Facebook page has 9,674 followers. Each Brixton Blog post is automatically posted to Twitter and Facebook at the same time as it goes live on the blog – extending the website’s reach across two key social media platforms. For advertisers who wish to take advantage of this reach, we offer a standard “MPU” advertisement which is 300 pixels wide by 250 pixels deep. These can appear on every one of the Blog’s 6,500-plus posts, its home page, in specific sections, or a bespoke combination of these locations. Other sizes and position are also available. Costs depend on the number of locations and for how long the advertisement is booked. The average cost is £50 a week for an MPU on the home and selected pages.

We offer all local people and businesses free DIY small classified ads

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