From Albania to Brixton: photography of Brixton Market

Laura lives in Lambeth and keeps a blog about her experiences as an expat from Albania living in London, places that fascinate her like Brixton Market, her interest in photography, babies, public speaking and more. Here she tells us more about her love for Brixton.

We moved to the area between Clapham Common and Brixton two years ago and one of the places I first discovered was Brixton and Brixton market. I was captivated by it from the start and I still enjoy spending time there. I love the variety of foods, mix of cultures, music playing in the background and the constant flow of people. There are a few specialities I haven’t mastered yet, such as dried salted fish or yam but I need someone to teach me how to cook them, anyone can help? After that nothing can stop me from impressing friends with my multi-ethnic cuisine skills!

Brixton market is also fascinating as a place to photograph. I have had an interest in photography for a number of years and decided to invest in a semi-professional DSLR camera. Initially wanting to capture good images of our new born son I now really enjoy taking pictures of everything I find interesting. Brixton and in particular the market offer such a wide variety of subjects that I could spend my time on a range of photography projects – portraits of people in the market, families at home, young people’s aspirations, mums and babies, the list can be endless. I am planning to follow up my first photography course with another more advanced one, so that I can improve my skills and capture better images of people and places I like. In the meantime I will continue to practice.

There is more about what I learnt from my first photography course in my blog, as well as more on Brixton market and its history