Big Caribbean Lunch in Windrush Square

Plate of jerk chicken

The Big Caribbean Lunch in Windrush Square on Sunday 25 June is an initiative developed by the Friends of Windrush Square (FOWS) and the Brixton Society.

Working with Metropolitan Thames Valley housing association and Lambeth council, the organisers plan to give lunch to 100 members of the Windrush Generation in the square so they can join the celebrations, share friendship, Caribbean food, music and storytelling. The event will run from 12 to 7pm.

The lunch will also host renowned speakers and an array of community leaders and guests.

Seats are limited abd priority will be given to the elder Windrush generation and their descendants.

Apply for tickets

Organisers are urging anyone interested to book early to avoid disappointment.

Ros Griffiths, chair of FoWS said: “The Big Caribbean Lunch provides an opportunity to widen the ongoing dialogue about the Windrush Generation’s past, present and the future of modern Britain.

“I am looking forward to hearing people’s stories and joining celebrations, which will showcase and capture the vibrancy and historical significance of this important period.”

Friends of Windrush Square, which campaigns to improve and increase the profile of the square, has grown from a sub-committee of the Brixton Society, is looking for local Caribbean restaurants/takeaways, bakeries and chefs who would like to participate in the lunch – contact FoWS on

The overarching goal of the lunch is to build stronger relationships, understanding and dialogue between communities – using the medium and core theme of ‘People, Place & Culture’.

“Our vision is that on Sunday 25 June, residents and communities across Lambeth will celebrate Windrush 75 by organising and attending a “Big Caribbean Lunch” in a space of their choosing, which could be their home, their street, a community or church hall, their garden, in a Caribbean restaurant and, of course, on Windrush Square,” said Ros Griffiths.

“The Big Caribbean Lunch is a placemaking activity, bringing people together and encouraging them to actively engage with one another and the places where they live and work.

“It will encourage community participation; intergenerational interaction, learning and dialogue.

“The lunch is part of a wider programme of activities designed to commemorate, celebrate, educate and promote Lambeth’s role in the story of the Windrush Generation and their descendants.”

The organisers are asking restaurants, chefs and take-aways to:

Donate the equivalent of 20 Caribbean meals (one starter, one main and one side) for the main Big Caribbean Lunch in Windrush Square.

Create a Big Caribbean lunch menu/meal deal for your establishment or business and promote it in-store in the run-up to the day.

They are asking bakeries to:

Donate baked goods of any kind (e.g. carrot cake, coconut cake, rum cake etc) for at least 30 people.