Art, music and fashion inspire an innovative design range

Samantha-Jane at United80
Samantha-Jane at her Brixton shop United80

Simone Richardson meets two local women who have created a striking art-based range of products.

Hip-hop artist Sarina Mantle and Samantha-Jane, owner and creative director of United80, have teamed up to produce a range of products depicting women of colour as beautiful beings.

Mantle’s Wild Suga label and United80 will release original artwork, a series of prints and cards, homeware and limited edition items. The Summer Solstice 2019 collection will be sold at United80’s Brixton shop and its online store.

Sarina Mantle, Brixton designer
Sarina Mantle

Sarina Mantle and Samantha-Jane met in the early noughties through rap music and reading self-written poetry at St Matthew’s Church and the Lounge on Atlantic Road. Sarina was a solo vocalist, one half of the musical duo Native Sun and Samantha-Jane was a hip-hop artist known as Phoenix Black. Their relationship grew through their love of art, music and fashion.

A striking image from the collection
A striking image from the collection

The collection is a body of art depicting women of colour as beautiful beings in different meditative states that is displayed on different media to create fashion, homeware and accessories. Samantha-Jane has run her shop for nine years since she moved to Brixton from Liverpool.

“Being a Scouser I shouldn’t be so passionate about anywhere else apart from Liverpool. But becoming a designer in Brixton has been a massive inspiration to me. It has a great community. Brixton is my spiritual home.”

Sarina says working with United80 was an empowering experience. It gave her an insight into taking pure design concepts into something that can be sold. United80 is open every day except Tuesdays at 80 Brixton Village.

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