Brixton architecture on paper

Henry O'Boyle

Brixton artist and designer Henry O’Boyle has recently completed a collection of illustrations of the iconic buildings surrounding the area.

Henry moved to Brixton last summer when he started work as a designer for local bespoke kitchen company West & Reid.

bovril wall brixton“I renewed my love for drawing and illustration when I had the idea to draw the local architecture and to sell locally as well,” he says.

“I have found that a lot people buy these prints for sentimental reasons. My last three sales of the town hall print (see below) were to people getting married there.

Brixton house
Commissioned drawing of a Brixton house

“One said she was gifting it to her fiancee because they were due to get married in July and they registered their marriage at the town hall, so it was a particularly important building for them.

“I love to hear the story behind the purchase of my work.”

Henry also does commissions, most of them of people’s homes “as a gift to husbands, wives, or maybe friends who are moving away”.

Henry’s prints are on sale and you can also watch Henry at work …



  1. Why no picture of St Matthew’s Church? Brixton’s first public building standing at the heart of Brixton and home to a black majority Anglican congregation since the 1960’s.

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