Brixton BMX’s Milo unbeaten

In the 17+ cruiser category Brixton’s Mario Berno came first with Tom Schwimmbeck in third, with the club’s Philip Weltzein and John Peck also racing

Brixton BMX’s Milo Enweani from Stockwell won the final of the 6-year-old-and-under boys novices age group and was unbeaten in all his three qualifying races at round 1 of the London series of racing at the Cyclopark bmx track in Gravesend.

Another highlight was Stephan Koehler from West Dulwich winning the 17+ mens novices final. Ezra Thompson from Brixton won the 13-to-14-year-old boys experts B Final.

The club had 18 riders from all over South London racing on the day.

Earlier, 14 Brixton BMX riders competed in the South of England regional race meeting at the Merton track.

Alex Taylor from East Dulwich won the final of the 13-year-old boys experts and was also unbeaten all day. John Peck from Brixton Hill won the B final of the 40+ cruisers.

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