Brixton’s BMX track hosts club race

Thomas Baker leads in the heat for riders aged 10-11 years

Brixton BMX Club’s track in Brockwell Park attracted 27 riders from across London to the second of the Summer Club Race Series. Riders from Brixton BMX Club as well as the Hammersmith, Greeenwich and Merton Saints clubs competed in a series of different classes, ranging from young novices to experienced adults. Mike Woof reports on the event which took place on Sunday 20 August.

In the category for eight and under novices, racing was particularly tight with a full gate of eight riders. Jaiden Skelton won the bronze with Aston Truscott winning silver and Jay Galloway from Merton Saints winning gold. The riders had battled it out in their heats with Aston and Jay also taking second and first place in each, while Jaiden made a valiant effort in the final to attain his bronze.

There were also eight riders on the gate for the novices aged 10-11 and again, riding was highly competitive, with a few thrills and spills during the heats. Teigan Hastings won the bronze while Nyah Mckay won the silver and Thomas Baker from Greenwich BMX Club won the gold.

BMX riders in Brockwell Park

With nine riders registered in novices aged 12-13, racing had to be split into two sets of heats. Kian Cole won the bronze with Leon Bickelman taking silver and Aslan Urul from Hammersmith BMX Club winning the gold.

The age range was particularly diverse for riders aged 16 and over, with a teenager vying against those with greying hair! Stephan Koehler won bronze, with Pinow Weltzein taking silver and first place being won by the more youthful Craig Mfundisi from the Merton Saints BMX Club.

First Aid Cover Limited gave first aid support for riders, though thankfully there were no injuries beyond bumps and bruises.