Brixton BMX club makes a strong showing at Merton

Mike Woof reports on the BMX South Regional Race at Merton Saints track

BMX race
Jacob Twenefour showed his excellent cornering ability, finally getting head of his competitors

BMX racers from all over the South Region headed to the Merton Saints’ home track at Mitcham on Sunday (12 September), to compete in Round 5 of the series.

In all, 277 riders turned up to compete from all over the South Region.

They came from all the London clubs – Brixton, Hackney, Hayes, Merton and Peckham – as well as from further away, inc;uding Runnymede, Andover, Bournemouth, Bexhill, Knightwood and Gosport.

There were even riders from outside the region, with a number from the Birmingham club.

BMX race
Lukah Mackenzie’s outstanding riding dominated the male 14 class

Brixton BMX Club made a strong showing at event, which benefited from warm dry weather and a lack of wind that made for optimum racing conditions.

The track was prepared for the event by Runnymede Rockets’ rider Jason King and was in good condition, allowing fast racing. With a smooth and well-compacted surface, the South Region’s best riders were able to hit high speeds, showing an impressive range of skills.

Brixton BMX Club fielded a strong team, with several riders winning podium places. 

Jacob Twenefour showed how much training he has had in recent months, pressing faster competitors with his excellent cornering skills and finally winning his male seven-year-olds class.

BMX racers
Isla Radcliffe was able to outcorner her fellow racers with a sharper inside line to take the win

In male nine-year-olds, Oscar Chambers took third, while in male 10-year-olds, Ti D-S took second and in male 11-year-olds, Kai Bowen took third.

In the female 11-12 class, Isla Radcliffe was also able to show her excellent cornering ability. 

One of the most outstanding riders all day was Brixton’s Lukah Mackenzie, recently-crowned British Champion, who dominated male 14.

And in the male 40+ cruiser class, Jason Lewis took second.