Brixton bling comes at a price

Standard BoomBocs 2 in blue
Standard BoomBocs 2 in blue

A luxury speaker manufacturer that began life in Pop Brixton has launched an uncompromisingly specified and priced high powered wireless speaker, said to offer sound reproduction superior to a CD.

The new BoomBocs BRX v2.0 speaker starts at £699 – plus £99 for a 20-hour battery if you want to take it out. Choose a blinged-up version and you will have very little change from £2,000.

Available in blue, red, black, orange, grey, white, green and yellow, the new wireless receiver’s hand-finished casing protects 200W of Class-D digital amplification designed to deliver music with minimal distortion, even at high volume.

BoomBocs founder, sound engineer Jonny Williams, says he moved from Wales to Brixton because its music scene. He was one of the first start-ups in Pop Brixton.

Before BoomBocs, which is now based in leafy Edenbridge, Kent, Williams spent most of his career touring as an engineer for artists including Liam Payne, Kylie Minogue, All Saints and Jessie Ware. Original BoomBocs speakers were used by Rita Ora and Lady Gaga.

They will be able to afford the new top of the range “super deluxe” version with a liquid metal finish at between £1,635 and £1,935. Mere “deluxe” and its metal flake sparkle comes in at between £765 and £909.

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