The Brixton People’s Fridge is ready for take out

The People Fridge in Pop BrixtonBrixton People’s Fridge is London’s first community fridge, bought and paid for by the community through a crowdfunding campaign.
The fridge is having a test run before its official launch in Pop Brixton at 6.30pm on 8 February.

When up and running, the fridge will enable people and businesses to donate spare food or food that would otherwise go to waste. Others can then go to the fridge to pick up what they need.

People behind the fridge project include Brixton residents, food activists, Pop Brixton traders and market traders.

It grew out of a course at Impact Hub Brixton in Pop Brixton that saw 25 people get together once a week for six weeks to try to find answers for the food problems that people in Lambeth and beyond face.

Also backing the project are Lambeth Food Partnership; Transition Town Brixton; Pop Brixton and the Brixton Pound.

Organisers wanted “a big, solid fridge that can take a bit of wear and tear”. And the fridge is only a start: “We have a whole list of ideas for giving and sharing that will help build more generous communities that care about one another.

“But the fridge is our starting point. It’s cool to be kind.”