Mosaic Clubhouse launches new mental health sanctuary

Sanctuary launch at Mosaic ClubMosaic Clubhouse celebrates the launch of a new 5-day-a-week mental health service for Lambeth, writes David Child.

“The Sanctuary”, a venture jointly commissioned by Lambeth Council and the NHS operated Lambeth Clinical Commission Group, will run weekly at the Mosaic Clubhouse from Wednesday through to Sunday between 6pm and 2am. The ambition is for the referral-based service to provide a safe and supportive mental health crisis point for those in need.

Attending the launch, local councilor Jacqui Dyer said, “this is a safe space, a place where people can feel supported and not judged in order to help them on the road to recovery.”

Arthur, a service user of the Sanctuary, said, “coming here gives me a safe and comfortable place, where the staff are kind and helpful.” In addition to the Sanctuary, users like Arthur are also able to access a range of other services at the Mosaic Clubhouse. Services range from employment and education support to assisting the physical wellbeing of clubhouse members through exercise and nutritional education.

Referring to this holistic approach, Maresa Ness, chief executive of the Mosaic Clubhouse charity said, “we give people back confidence, self esteem and opportunities.”

The Clubhouse model, where each individual user is granted membership status, is designed to ensure users and staff are fully engaged with one another. The Clubhouse is understaffed by design in order to encourage users to fully assist in the running of the centre and in doing so, aid their own recovery. Members are also encouraged to undertake the charity’s twelve-week programme; designed to assist those experiencing mental health issues to take the first steps towards recovery.

Nankin head chef at Mosaic Club Sanctuary launchSupport from the local community for the Clubhouse continues to gather momentum, with local businesses Nanban and Satay Bar donors to the cause. With over 1000 people supported last year alone, Mosaic Clubhouse is making a real difference for people with mental health issues across south London. It is one of only two clubhouse model centres in England and is a critically important institution, helping many local people get back to better health, back into society and back to education and work too.

Opened in 1994, Mosaic Clubhouse’s mission is to assist in the recovery of people living with mental ill health by providing members with opportunities to work, learn and grow. To find out more about how you can become involved with and support the charity, please visit.