Black Lives Matter protesters halt Brixton

BLM_IMG_4427_750 Black Lives Matter protesters brought Brixton and surrounding areas to a standstill this evening (9 July) as they blocked roads in central Brixton, halting buses and other traffic.

The protest followed the death at of two US citizens at the hands of police and recalled the death of Black UK citizens in police custody.




Pictures: David Wilcock


  1. How does holding up the P4 bus express solidarity with black people getting shot in the US. The fact remains while black lives do matter, I don’t know of any protests of the large number of blacks killed by blacks in the US. Why in 2011 Lee Jasper report that more blacks had been killed by blacks in London between 2001 and 2011 than British soldiers there. Any attempts to curb this ugly statistic is instantly met with cries of racism. The same is true in the US. Only this weekend 300+ blacks were killed in South Sudan and yet there are no protests on the streets of London.
    Yes Black lives do matter, but holding up the P4 Bus doesn’t help does it. Funny enough a black man who complained about his bus being held up was punched in the face by..a black man.

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