Brixton Unitarians to hold Bowie memorial service

Poster inviting public to celebrate the life of David Bowie at Effra Chapel

Brixton Unitarians will be holding a special service to commemorate the life of David Bowie at the Effra Road Chapel on Sunday 28 February.

The service, which starts at 10.15am, will include a live band playing a selection of the Brixton legend’s hits, with plenty of opportunity to sing along.

The event will also feature readings and gratitudes to the singer.

Minister Julian Smith said: “We warmly welcome cat people, young Americans and space oddities to a joyful celebration of Brixton icon and musical legend David Bowie.”

There is no dress code, but any Bowie-inspired attire is welcome.

It is a free, ticket-only event. To book your tickets go to


  1. I went to church today. I never go to church. As the service began the minister announced that today’s memorial will be non religious, even secular, which suited me as I myself am ‘non religious, even secular’. The reason I was here? This was a memorial for David Bowie, ‘Brixton boy’. It was brilliant in its surreal quality. Where normally the hymns would be, we all stood to sing along to the live band belting out Bowie classics. Interspersed with readings chronicling the late mans life. With candle lighting, rousing applause as thanks and a superb rendition of Life on Mars, I’m glad to say the church of mad love, was such a holy place to be.

  2. What is it about David Bowie and Brixton? His family moved away when he was 5 or 6 – to Beckenham, for Christ’s sake; he never to my knowledge showed the slightest interest in the place – where, for example, is the equivalent of Paul McCarthy’s Performing Arts Academy in Liverpool, or a donation to the Brixton Oval Theatre project, or any acknowledgement from a ludicrously rich man with homes across the world of a debt to his hometown. Yet crowds come to this shabby little mural outside Morley, and burn candles in adoration and Brixton Blog goes on about him as though he’s a new Messiah. Is there something about mass delusion here?

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