Blog & Bugle Art Show now open

people at an artshow
Opening night of the art show

The fifth annual Brixton Blog & Bugle summer art show is now open in Brixton library on Windrush Square today and will run until 25 July.

This year’s exhibition continues the expansion both of the number and quality of entries, and of the number of people taking part in the people’s vote that chooses Brixton’s favourite work of art.

Some 210 people voted on 39 exhibits in the 2019 show, while last year 1060 voted on 73 works chosen from a significantly larger entry.

And the only way to vote is to visit the library and look at the entries before choosing up to five of them on a physical ballot paper.

people at an artshow with ballot box
You can vote for your favourite works

All artists taking part must live in Brixton or just a short bus ride away.

Judges – Blog & Bugle arts editor Leslie Manasseh, the Brixton Project’s Binki Taylor and the library’s Rosella Black – chose from the biggest entry yet. which works made the cut to get on the limited wall space available.

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