Splash organisers launch £100,000 appeal

Brixton Splash 2015Organisers of Brixton Splash have launched a £100,000 fundraising campaign for the next Splash, which is due in 2017 after Lambeth council refused permission for a 2016 event.

“We provide a platform for the local community to showcase its talent to thousands of visitors and our arts outreach programme goes in to schools and community centres throughout the year to engage with difficult to reach children and residents who often feel isolated within their community,” says the appeal.


Organiser Shezal Laing has told London Live that she and her colleagues had been “blocked at every level” when trying to meet Lambeth council and the police to discuss the 2016 event. Meetings had been rejected or refused.

She said that she believed this course of action had been planned before last year’s Splash.


  1. Just a reminder to tell you that Brockwell Park and Brockwell Lido are not in Brixton: they are well and truly in Herne Hill. The postal code is SE24, the nearest station is Herne Hill, and when coming by bus, Herne Hill is the place to look out for on your journey.

    Herne Hill has a long and honourable history, and having lived in the village of Herne Hill for 71 years, I am proud to call myself a local resident.

    Best regards,


    • I live also in Herne Hill which is also has its troubles and regardless we all live in the borough of Lambeth where we should be helping all residents and communities to overcome the equalities and diversities. No postcode is better than any

  2. It was not surprising the event would of been cancelled this year. As a previous trader and sponsorer of the event last year organisation and management was disorganised and disoriented putting the public at risk and traders. There has been reports from the initial application process the orgainsers had intentional used the name Brixton Splash to manipulate and as a encashment from local people and businesses. It has been reported funds for litter deposit and penatlies for stalls that were positioned or going over its boundaries, one trader enforced to pay £600.00 the same cost for the pitch for going over by less than a metre. Many people not recieving litter bonds and management not attending meetings to consult with traders. It was evident, the previous years from the origin to 2014, that these organisers were not thinking on bringing this event for the community but saw pound signs and became excessively greedy putting many people’s life into jeopardy for a one day event.

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