Snugg, Brixton Village


Snugg is the new kid on the block in Brixton Village. Its gorgeous glossy red frontage has taken over from the Relay tea rooms that were there before. New owner Binki Taylor has given it a new style with sharing platters and evening opening with cocktails and live music, including regular guest DJs but she’s cleverly kept on Relay’s chef Ella Killingley to ensure the same quality in the food. It’ll have a new twist to keep you coming back!

When you hear that Ella has worked for Ottolenghi and Honey and Co, you won’t be surprised to hear that all the food is made from scratch on the premises. It’s grown from the tea shop into doing eclectic modern cuisine they call ‘London food’ – a mix of classic English, Mediterrean and African inspired food from the early morning Trader’s Breakfast of baked eggs and chorizo, cake platters in the afternoon and small dishes and cocktails in the evening (or a bit of all of these when you fancy it.)

Alongside the fresh and original food, Snugg’s mission is to help bring music back to the market. Famed for those vibes for years, they are just far enough away from the Agile Rabbit that they aren’t able to dance to the live music, so Binki has teamed up with Handson from United 80 to make Brixton a bit louder and get everyone moving. The music is designed to allow people to create the atmosphere and on their opening night, the most enthusiastic dancers were local kids who were making it a proper block party.

Binki and the team are creating a space that’s about feedling people and throwing parties. They don’t talk concepts, they open their door and welcome you in to eat, drink, chat and dance. The sharing platters help encourage that feel as you need to sit down, slow down and relax to enjoy it fully. It’s the kind of place you end up chatting to everyone round you and forming friendship and collaborations as the night goes on.

Come early for pre dinner pinxtos as you wait for people to join you elsewhere. Grab a light meal while you people watch. Stay late and join the party with a post dinner dessert of liqueur cocktail desserts or petit fours. Saturdays and Sundays will see brunch clubs you can book so as to ensure seats in the Village for once instead of queuing! And from September, Snugg will be trialling Tuesday to Sunday evening opening, so turn the TV off and bring friends and family and enjoy a bar unlike anywhere else in Brixton.

Snugg is at 74 Brixton Village, 5th Avenue and brunch clubs will be announced via Facebook.


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