Club 414 license restored after it is praised by police

Club 414, in Coldharbour Lane, had its license handed back by Lambeth council. Pic by Brixton Blog
Club 414, in Coldharbour Lane, had its license handed back by Lambeth council. Pic by Brixton Blog

By Tim Dickens, editor

One of Brixton’s longest-running night clubs, Club 414, had its license handed back by Lambeth council last night.

The license had been suspended earlier this month following a shooting at the Coldharbour Lane venue that left a promoter and DJ critically ill in hospital on March 7.

A licensing sub-committee at Lambeth Town Hall, Brixton, restored the club’s license. The reprieve was given on the condition that a knife search arch is installed at the door, ID scanners are used to record the identity of clubbers, plastic glasses are used and a form 696 risk assessment is completed before any future significant events. They must also never again use the security firm employed on March 6/March 7.

Owner and director Louise Barran, who has held the license at the club for more than 25 years, said after the meeting: “We’re very happy and relieved.

“We are party people. We only have one rule and that is behave or get out and go home. We have run this club for 25 years and stayed away from trouble.

Co-director Anthony Pommell added: “We’re very happy with the conditions, and we think it’s the way forward.

“From now on we’re going to stick to what we know best with the trance and psy trance nights. We will ensure it’s one of the safest run clubs to serve Brixton in the future. ”

Licensing police officer Sgt Steve Strange praised the club’s owners following the incident, which happened on a reggae night run by external promoters.

Strange added: “This is not a venue that causes great concern for police, albeit that this was an extremely serious incident.”

He said that on the night in question the victim, a DJ and promoter, was shot once in the chest and once in the stomach. A search of the club later uncovered a kitchen knife hidden in a plant pot.

Addressing the committee earlier, the club’s lawyer Michael Paget said: “The license holders have been in Coldharbour Lane for 25 years. They were part of the vanguard of bringing stability back to Brixton and Coldharbour Lane. They have been one of the continuous aspects of Coldharbour Lane from when they were given funding to set  up in 1985 and they want to continue to fulfill that role in Brixton as a whole.”