Brixton’s growing craft beer reputation

London Beer Lab 

two men pose with cargo bike
London Beer Lab founders, Karl Durand O’Connor and Bruno Alajouanine, ready to roll with a local delivery via their eco‑friendly cargo bike

If all this beer talk has inspired you to brew your own, then London Beer Lab is the place to go.

They have been teaching the local community to brew for more than 10 years and, according to brand ambassador Tim Ellis, the tasting sessions cater to all audiences, “not just craft beer geeks!”

Deciding what to drink at their taproom can be a difficult task, with roughly 25 beers on the menu at any one time.

Their vast offering of nano-brews all begin with the beers that people at the workshops have made themselves, creating an ever-evolving selection of choice.

“The idea is to reduce waste,” says Ellis: “In big batches you risk wasting hundreds of litres of water and a few bags of grain if a recipe doesn’t work. By doing it in nano batches we can play around with the brews which is good fun.”

This way the brewers at London Beer Lab experiment with a range of ingredients and recipes.

The most unusual beer they have on offer at the moment has to be the Peanut Butter Jelly Sour, which tastes a bit like blackberry jam with subtle hints of coffee and nuts.

Be warned though, according to Ellis it has almost every allergen in there: “apart from maybe crustaceans – we’re going to try and work those into a recipe soon!” he laughs.

It’s clear Ellis is passionate about the science around brewing, and wants to put Brixton on the map as a craft beer hub.

“There’s a great sense of community between the taprooms,” he says. “We’re all in it together to try and make better beer.”

Prices at London Beer Lab range from £4.50 to £9 depending on the ABV percentage. With the highest one at 9.1%, rest assured you’re getting your money’s worth.

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For the brewing workshops and taproom head to Arch 41, Nursery Road, SW9 8BP