Brixton’s growing craft beer reputation

Brixton Brewery

people outside a railway arch brewery outlet
Brixton Brewery’s taproom on Brixton Station Road

Brixton’s first commercial micro-brewery opening in 2013, Brixton Brewery has become a recognised brand supplying 2,000 pubs across the country and exports beer as far as Hong Kong and Bermuda. It’s now owned by Heineken.

It’s safe to say they have come a long way from the days of delivering beer in a shopping trolley or in the family car with the kids in tow.

But the brand remains committed to its Brixton roots. As Jez Galaun, one of four co-owners, says: “We’re really trying to put Brixton on the map for great beer. That’s what I get out of bed every day to do.”

The idea for this much-loved brewery was born just over a decade ago when two local couples met in what used to be the Hive Bar on Brixton Station Road, bonded over their love of the area and set out to start a brewery to make Brixton proud.

“You go around the country and people know Brixton. They’ve come to a gig here, they’ve had a relationship here, they’ve bought drugs here … they’ve had an experience,” says Galaun. “It really resonates with people, and that’s what we want to package up and give to people in the medium of a can or a pint.”

When it comes to their best-selling brew, Galaun says the Reliance Pale Ale and the Coldharbour Lager are neck and neck, but he expects the lager will take top position thanks to the hot weather this summer.

“It’s a bit of a dirty secret in craft beer that brewers really appreciate lager,” Galaun confesses. “We’re obviously brewing other beers with a lot more intensity and flavour, but lager is a hard nut to crack in terms of creating a well balanced, really drinkable product.”

In refreshing contrast to the ever-rising prices at many London pubs, you won’t find a pint at Brixton Brewery for more than £5.20.

Keep your eyes peeled for their unmistakable branding in virtually every restaurant in Brixton Village and Market Row, including Fish Wings and Tings, which was one of their earliest partners.

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Pop into the taproom at Arch 548 Brixton Station Road, SW9 8PF