Brixton’s growing craft beer reputation

Dogs Grandad Brewery 

One of Brixton’s newer breweries, Dogs Grandad opened in an arch on Brixton Station Road during the height of lockdown in February 2021. It’s a one-stop-shop where the beer is brewed, the cans are sold and the pints are pulled. Brixton local Alex Hill runs the whole operation.

Formerly a social worker for 20 years, Hill decided to turn his passion for home brewing into a career by setting up his own microbrewery.

“It’s exhausting and sometimes I work seven days a week, but I absolutely love brewing beer so it doesn’t really feel like work,” he says.

In his precious down time you might find Hill playing on the arcade machine in the taproom. “I always wanted an excuse to buy an arcade machine and it’s gone down really well. Loads of customers enjoy playing on it,” Hill laughs.

Located just a few arches down from Brixton Brewery, Hill says that breweries do well next to each other as patrons stop in for a couple of drinks at each.

All pints at Dogs Grandad are priced at £5.50, and every one is vegan-friendly. The best-selling New England Pale is a cool 4% ABV and uses light and fruity yeast.

If you’re feeling more adventurous go for the Black IPA whose dark colour is created by using roasted wheat and comes recommended by Hill himself.

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BEST FOR: Brewing expertise straight from the source   

Find Dogs Grandad at Arch 550 Brixton Station Road, SW9 8PF