Changing Brixton – from burgers to hand-rolled sushi

hand rollong sushi

The former home of burger chain Meatliquor on Brixton’s Market Row – it closed in January 2019 – will, from June, house Temaki, where your sushi will be hand-rolled to order in front of you.

In charge will be Shaulan Steenson, who trained at Tokyo’s Hakkoku and Sushi Jin in Toyama Bay.

Temaki, which is due to open on 11 June, will offer “classic handroll combinations” including white and brown crabmeat with egg yolk and white soy, and unagi eel, with sauce, cucumber and wasabi – as well as seasonal choices.

plate of food – fish

Temaki which, in Japanese, means hand-rolled sushi, will also offer complementary dishes like toro sashimi with smoked salt and buckwheat, and salmon skin crisps with chilli and salt.

To wash it down, there will be wine, sake and Japanese beers. Cocktail expert Karol Bobinski has developed bottled ones for the bar, adding Japanese flavour to classic drinks.

Temaki, Unit 12, Market Row

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