Diversity champion Miranda Brawn wins important legal post

female barrister
Dr Brawn when she became a barrister

Barrister Miranda Brawn, a Lambeth equality commissioner and former patron of the Brixton’s Black Cultural Archives, has been elected to an important legal position in a historic first.

Dr. Miranda K. Brawn Esq – to give her her full title – is now a member of The Honourable Society of Lincoln’s Inn Bar Representation Committee (BRC).

Lincoln’s Inn is one of the four historic London “inns of court” that control access to the profession of barrister in England.

Over the years it has been home to dozens of major historical figures, including Henry VIII’s chancellor Thomas More, later beheaded by the king, metaphysical poet John Donne, novelist Wilkie Collins and 16 prime ministers, including Margaret Thatcher.

Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah, the founder of Pakistan, was also a member of the Lincoln Inn BRC.

Brawn is the first woman with mixed Caribbean and South Asian heritage to secure a victory in elections to the representation committee. She will take office in January.

Brawn is also a financial executive, diversity leader, author, international public speaker, political and business adviser, philanthropist, and founder of The Miranda Brawn Diversity Leadership Foundation

Lincoln’s Inn is by far the largest of the inns of court, hosting around 21,000 members, with 1,000 student barristers joining each year.

Its 28-member representation committee plays an important role in the affairs of the inn.

Brawn, as she has for decades, will continue to focus on diversity, equity and inclusion in the legal sector and help to implement this, alongside other interests such as investments, scholarships and regulatory work.

Brawn has been a member of Lincoln’s Inn since 2004 and had broken a glass ceiling by securing a sweeping victory in the elections.

“This is a historic moment – when a London-born female senior lawyer of a distinctive mixed origin has won this election,” she said.