Young Brixton entrepreneur celebrates podcast coup

Charles Clayton (left) and Logan Paul

Young Brixton-born entrepreneur Charles Clayton not only has a way with apps and podcasts, he also has the knack of connecting with some of the world’s most famous individuals.

Last year it was Sir Tim Berners Lee, creator of the worldwide web.

Now the Someday podcast that Clayton and his former Evelyn Grace Academy teacher Sumair Mohammad produce is featuring controversial American internet personality Logan Paul, who has 22m YouTubesubscribers.

Paul, who is also an actor, is part of Someday’s “biggest episode ever”, which is now available across streaming platforms.

Charles Clayton says: “One of the major highlights from this episode is around personal downfalls.

“Logan speaks about his situation in Tokyo back in 2017.

“My business partner, Sumair, speaks about the stroke he suffered in 2018.

Sumair Mohammad and Logan Paul

“We conclude by looking at it as: ‘Your downfalls don’t break you, they make you’.”

Charles told the Blog that he wanted to make a podcast to inspire young people to think differently and to allow people to hear real stories from others.

Someday has already reached more than 50,000 people and the number of listeners is growing.

Earlier episodes feature topics such as entrepreneurship, mental health, anti-racism, music and global politics. 

There was speculation about who the special guest would be for Logan Paul’s Someday episode – British YouTubers ChunkzDeji and KSI, who Paul he fought in a white-collar boxing bout, were all mentioned.

Charles says: “I think there is still a negative perception of Logan, but you will see he is a completely different person now to who he used to be.’’

The American vlogger caused a storm in 2017 when he posted a video to YouTube, allegedly showing a suicide victim in the Aokigahara forest in Japan.

The first episode of Someday aired in September this year. Charles had ideas for a podcast back in the first lockdown.

His aspiration is to show others that if they are passionate about an idea, “someday” they will achieve their goal.

“We are looking to speak to anyone, no matter the size of their platform,” says Clayton.

“We are in talks with various people right now and have some very special guests who’ll appear on season two of Someday which starts on 1 February.”

Clayton is now the owner of AlphaApps, a company that develops apps such as games for smart phones, alongside Sumair Mohammad.

He launched it with two school friends when he was 14.