Professor Miranda Brawn to launch Brawn Review during lecture in top new role at Oxford University

woman next to university sign

Professor Miranda Brawn, former vice chair of the board and patron of the Black Cultural Archives in Brixton and Lambeth equality commissioner, is to launch a boardroom governance, inclusion and sustainability initiative in her inaugural lecture as a senior visiting fellow at the University of Oxford during UK Black History Month.

Professor Brawn’s charitable foundation last year partnered with the university to offer the Dr Miranda Brawn Award to Black, Bangladeshi, Pakistani and mixed heritage undergraduates from low-income households in the UK.

Her inaugural lecture will also be the seventh annual lecture of The Miranda Brawn Diversity Leadership Foundation (TMBDLF).  She will announce “The Brawn Review” as she takes on a new senior academic role at the university.

Students and leaders from across the UK are encouraged to apply for registration.

The review will be an independent research report on sustainability, diversity, inclusion, and corporate governance in boardrooms.

It is intended for publication next year alongside her new book which will both be completed at Oxford incorporating her “iCHANGES” model for more inclusion and sustainability that she created during her candidacy in City of London aldermanic elections.

Professor Brawn a long-standing and award-winning activist and champion of diversity, inclusion and sustainability, has gained another important role.

Earlier this month, Oxford University’s Keble College elected her as its new senior visiting fellow, a post reserved for exceptional and distinguished individuals. While in the post, she will be lecturing and leading research for The Brawn Review.

She will share her expertise on boardroom diversity, inclusion, sustainability and corporate governance with Keble College and other University of Oxford students, lecturers, professors and fellows in seminars, lectures, workshops, study groups, and meetings.

Professor Brawn will also partner global organisations and leaders to advance boardroom diversity, inclusion, sustainability and governance efforts.

 “I am delighted and humbled to be joining our wonderful community of students, professors, fellows and staff to contribute to the success of Keble College and the University of Oxford overall,” she said.

“It is an honour to be elected as a senior visiting fellow at the world’s number one university. I am looking forward to working with the students, professors and fellows alongside global organisations and top leaders.”

Professor Brawn is the founder, president and CEO of TMBDLF, an award-winning registered charity.

The foundation has been making history in the UK since 2016, when it launched the first diversity leadership lecture of its kind, alongside offering innovative leading education and career scholarships to diverse students, while also launching the country’s first Black Women on Boards initiative.

Professor Brawn’s inaugural lecture in her new role will also be the TMBDLF’s seventh annual lecture.

It will be an occasion for the University of Oxford and its associations to celebrate UK Black History Month in October this year.

Students and senior leading professionals from across the UK and globally will be attending. Global organisations like Hogan Lovells, Goldman Sachs, KPMG and Reed Smith are supporting Professor Brawn’s research work and foundation.

As a senior visiting fellow, Professor Brawn joins other eminent figures in law, politics, culture, the arts and media, business and public service who have made outstanding contributions to their respective fields.

In her case, this includes banking, finance, law, business, public service, charity and education. 

Other visiting fellows who have shared university life include screen stars Benedict Cumberbatch and Emma Watson.

Keble College alumni include politicians, lawyers, bishops, poets, and academics.

Most on this list are men; from its foundation in 1870 until 1979, Keble only admitted male students. 

Among them are former cricketer Imran Khan, 22nd Prime Minister of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan; Sir James Hunt, barrister and High Court judge; Labour politician Ed Balls; and Katy Brand, actor, comedian and writer.