Lambeth Heritage Festival 2020

Ted Hollamby’s architectural legacy

Monday 14 September | 7pm

Brixton Rec

Edmund Bird – heritage advisor to Transport for London, former head of conservation and urban design at Lambeth, and author of a series of books on Lambeth’s architecture from Edwardian times to the dawn of the 21st century – will talk about the diverse range of buildings commissioned by Lambeth council during the time (1964-1981) that Edward Hollamby was its borough architect and director of architecture, planning and development.

The Greater London Council’s 1969 Greater London Plan proposed a new motorway, Ringway 1, through inner London, linking with the A23 to Brighton at Brixton.

Hollamby drew up a strategic redevelopment plan for Brixton. It envisged a new town centre with raised walkways linking shops, offices and houses to its central hub, a recreation centre.

Hosted by the Brixton Society, the event comes at a time when local architecture is once more a major issue.

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