Lambeth Heritage Festival 2020

Come Round Any Old Time – Brixton’s music hall community

Wednesday 2 September | 7pm

woman performer
Cassie Walmer was the daughter of George and Stephanie Schmidt Muller Walmer. According to Jeffrey Green, author of: Black Women In Britain 1850-1897, theatrical performances by Black women were fashionable in the late nineteenth century

At this, the first of the Heritage Month Music Hall Wednesdays talks running through September, Sue Mckenzie , former Lambeth resident and Lambeth archivist, will look at how and why Brixton was home to so many people from music hall, early cinema and variety in the late 19th and early 20th centuries.

She will tell the stories of some of the performers, their careers and their fortunes in what was a precarious and unpredictable world.

Hosted by the Brixton Music Hall Project. 

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