Lambeth Heritage Festival 2020

Music Hall Jugglers of Lambeth

Wednesday 23 September | 7pm

music hall performer
Cinquevalli – real name Emil Otto Paul Braun – was a juggler and strongman who lived in Brixton’s Mostyn Road from 1893 until his death in 1918. He performed for 44 years, including an appearance in the first music hall Royal Command Performance in July 1912. He is buried in West Norwood Cemetery.

Part of Music Hall Wednesdays, Charlie Holland’s talk on music hall jugglers, featuring original props, posters, programmes and photographs, will draw you into the globe-trotting lives of Paul Cinquevalli, the Mongadors, and Hanvarr & Lee, all of whom lived in Lambeth for several years.

Hosted by the Brixton Music Hall project. 

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