Petition to locate new memorial in Windrush Square

Sonia Winifred, Lambeth council cabinet member for equalities and culture, with the young performers
Windrush DaY: Sonia Winifred, Lambeth council cabinet member for equalities and culture, with young performers

A Memorial to the Windrush Generation announced recently (22 June) by government to be sited at Waterloo is in the wrong place says Cllr Sonia Winifred, cabinet member for equalities and culture.

She has launched a petition asking the government to reconsider where the memorial is placed and is urging people to sign it. For further background see previous Brixton Blog post.

She says: “Unfortunately, under current plans the memorial will be put in Waterloo Station, we believe it should be in Windrush Square, at the heart of Brixton where so many of the Windrush generation made their homes when they first arrived in Britain.

“What better recognition of the contributions of the Windrush Generation than to have this monument in Windrush Square alongside the Black Cultural Archives, providing both historical and educational experience of the Windrush Generation for generations to come.”

She welcomed the fact that the Windrush Generation’s contribution to the UK will be recognised. “We think it’s vital that we celebrate the impact that British Afro-Caribbean people have had on our culture and society, and welcome these plans. However, we need your help to make sure the memorial is put in the right place!

“If you agree the memorial should be in Windrush Square – please sign the petition now.”

Up to £1 million of government money is available for the project.



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