The bikers of Brockwell Park

Simone Richardson finds out how the kids feel about BMX biking in Brixton’s Brockwell Park

BMX bikers in Rockwell ParkBrixton BMX Club was established in 1981 at the Stockwell skate park and moved to Brockwell Park in 1990, which makes it the oldest BMX club in London and in the top three in the UK.

Lots of youngsters enjoy BMXing, some starting as young as four. At the park’s BMX track, 10-year-old Jonathan says he “likes going up in the air on this BMX”. Aiden, 7, told me he has been doing it since he was four and “and I love going up and down as if I’m in the waves”.

boy with BMX bikeFranklyn Freewill (pictured left) says: “I enjoy meeting new people, racing and it’s friendly and free!”

Ken Floyde who started the club takes Brixton’s young BMX racers all over the country, sponsored by Lambeth Youth Service which help with transport, bikes and appropriate wear.

Ken says: “I was always cycling but borrowed as I couldn’t afford a BMX bike and felt deprived. The teenage 1980s BMX riders were great as they all saved up for a second-hand bike for me and made sure it was fixed.”

Ken visits the track weekly to watch and collect payments for weekly classes taught by younger BMX bikers through him.

Any BMX rider can come to the track on Saturday or Sunday 9 to 11am for experts; novices and beginners 11am-1pm.

It’s £6 for non-members, £4 members. The Access Sport charity runs women’s BMX nights on Mondays from 6.30 to 8pm. Mums can take their kids too and a first lesson is free, with bike, helmet, knee and elbow pads and gloves included.