Safety first as BMX racing continues

Mike Woof reports on the second post-lockdown London BMX competition

BMX racing
Brixton BMX Club rider Lukah McKenzie once again dominated the 13-year old category at the Merton Saints’ track in Mitcham

London’s BMX racers took to the track again last Saturday (10 October) at Merton.

Brixton, Hackney, Mitcham and Peckham clubs were able to compete for the second time in a few weeks, allowing riders to qualify for the upcoming South Championship event.

Once again, strict measures were used to ensure health and safety by keeping riders and age groups apart, for appropriate social distancing and in accordance with British Cycling guidelines.

After the break in the calendar caused by the pandemic, BMX racing resumed at the Merton Saints’ track in Mitcham on 26 September.

To help ensure safety for participants and families, those racing were only allowed to come with one adult. Racing was split into two halves, with the younger riders competing in the morning, followed by a break that allowed them to leave before the older riders for the afternoon’s racing.

The racing was highly competitive and enjoyed by all.

Brixton BMX Club’s Alex Taylor won the 14-year old category at the Merton Saints’ track in Mitcham, with Brixton rider Max Alfrey hard on his heels in second

Categories were mixed and with age classes from seven-and-under up to 17+ for expert riders only.

In the mixed seven-and-under category, Adrian Gailitis (Peckham) won the A final, while Ignacy Lorek (Merton) won the mixed eight-year-old category.

Kai Bowen (Brixon) won the mixed 10-year-old category, while Jay Galloway (Merton) won the mixed 11-year-old category.

For the afternoon’s racing, Xander Mavolwane Wright (Peckham) crossed the line first in the mixed 12-year-olds, while Lukah McKenzie (Brixton) dominated the mixed 13-year-old category and Alex Taylor (Brixton) won the 14-year-old category.

For the mixed 15-16 category, Callum Bristow (Peckham) dominated all afternoon, as did Tai Suleyman (Hackney) in the 17+ category.