Brixton and the general election: your guide

The general election is nearly upon us. So Anna McKie has quizzed the parliamentary candidates standing for election across Brixton’s three constituencies, to provide an exclusive insight into their politics.

The five topics they were asked to comment on were: housing, environment, Brexit, local business and education.

Polling Stations are open on Thursday June 8 from 7am to 10pm. Go to for more information.

Click on the candidate below for their full response:

Vauxhall (2015 result: Labour)

Mark Chapman – Pirate Party

Gulnar Hasnain – Green Party

Kate Hoey – Labour

Harini Iyengar – Women’s Equality Party

Dolly Theis – Conservative

George Turner – Liberal Democrats

Streatham (2015 result: Labour)

Kim Caddy – Conservative

Alex Davies – Liberal Democrats

Nicole Griffiths – Green Party

Robert Stephenson – Ukip

Chuka Umunna – Labour

Dulwich and West Norwood (2015 result: Labour)

Rachel Wolf – Conservative

Helen Hayes – Labour

Gail Kent – Liberal Democrats

Rashid Nix – Green Party

Yen Lin Chong – Independent

Robin Lambert – Independent

The questions we asked were:

1. Housing

What will you do to address the housing crisis? What do you think are the most important housing needs in the area?

2. Environment

What do you think should be done to improve the high pollution levels in the area?

3. Brexit

Lambeth was the second most pro-remain borough in the UK, what will you do to ensure voters feel their opinion is valued? How will you ensure international residents in the multi-cultural area feel welcome?

4. Local business.

Do you think local businesses should be given more encouragement than high street chains?

5. Education

What do you think of local schools? How would you support improvement in them?

We did not receive responses from some of the candidates by our deadline. 


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