New video of ‘Brixton Dead Zone’


Local Green Party activist Rashid Nix has taken to YouTube to highlight the problems created by Network Rail’s closure of its arches on Atlantic and Brixton Station Roads.

He tours what he calls the BDZ – Brixton Dead Zone – an area where takings for remaining traders are down by 60 or 70% because of the blight caused by the closures.

His outspoken attack on “corporate fascism” follows criticism of Network Rail by Lambeth council and warnings from the Brixton BID (Business Improvement District) that the blight and big rate increases threaten Brixton businesses.

Rashid Nix talks to stallholders


  1. Totally slanted reporting.

    ‘Ethnic cleansing’, wtf? You’re using that term? Absolute shite, i happen to be a long term resident and i keep hearing a number of locals complaining about all the white people moving in…

    Where to start?

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