Pink protest over council’s attitude

Poster for Stand up to Lambeth Council demoGroups from across Lambeth have called a demonstration to protest at what they say is Lambeth council’s “high-handed, ill-informed decisions and its refusal to consider viable alternatives”.

The demonstration “Stand Up to Lambeth Council” on 8 October is organised by a coalition that includes trade unions, community organisations and groups campaigning against the Arches business closures, library closures, and housing demolitions.

Library campaigner Laura Swaffield said: “This is to be a peaceful event – making the point that ordinary people, families and businesses are seeing the destruction of services, homes, jobs and the rights of residents.

Participants are asked to wear PINK to signify good humour and fun – but the purpose is serious. Demonstrators will assemble at Windrush Square at noon and march to Clapham Common.


  1. Vauxhall Progress weren’t happy bunnies about Stand up to Lambeth at their monthly CLP. Saw it as an opportunity to have a go at momentum rather than give any thought to why people want to Stand up to Lambeth other than bleating about tory cuts!
    Waste, inefficiency and ignoring the community being nothing to do with tory anything but that won’t stop Progress putting all the blame on them and swatting any criticism away.

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