Singing for unity

Singing for unity in Windrush Square
Singing for unity in Windrush Square

Windrush Square saw and heard a musical celebration of diversity as local choir leader Xenia Davis of Sing Out Streatham led local people in simple songs from around the world in three and four part harmony.

Xenia said: “Singing has always been a really powerful tool for bringing people together. I run two choirs in south London and lots of my singers have been really keen to take a stand against the rise in hatred and intolerance that we’ve been seeing since the EU referendum.

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“I got back from leading interactive singing workshops at Glastonbury and I thought to myself: ‘Why not do something similar in London so that people can come together to express solidarity and sing together’. So that’s exactly what we’re going to do.”



  1. Does anyone who went to this know a woman called Penny from Stanford Hill who was there? I met her just after when she was on her way home and I borrowed a hat from her (what an amazing lady, lending a total stranger an amazing hat!!) and she was supposed to collect it from me but she didn’t contact me and I really want to make sure she gets the hat back! If you do, please tell her to call me on 07901212649 or email me on!
    Thank you!

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