Don’t miss Brixton’s enterprise bus

The Start Up enterprise busHatch Enterprise CEO Dirk Bischof invites local entrepreneurs to get on board the enterprise bus in Brixton

Starting a business can change your life and the lives around you. So when the bright double-decker bus rolls into Brixton’s Windrush Square on 10 October, be sure to be there. It might just be the break you have been looking for.

Hatch Enterprise is hosting the bus – part of a nationwide campaign run by StartUp Britain – with the aim of helping passionate local entrepreneurs.

StartUp Britain director, Matt Smith said: “By connecting aspiring entrepreneurs with those a few steps ahead of them, as well as supportive local organisations, we want to give people the confidence to turn their ideas into reality”.

We recognise the many challenges one may come across when starting a business. From a lack of finance to not being able to access the necessary networks, start-ups are tough if you do not have the correct tools.

On the day, business coaches, provided by Hatch and StartUp Britain, will be there to provide you with information and support about the next steps for your business idea. Through activities and talks by entrepreneurs, the day will provide a host of opportunities to be inspired and to test your business ideas, as well as gain advice.

Since the campaign started, more than 480,000 start-ups already launched this year, the next successful business could be your idea.

We’re proud to partner with NatWest and StartUp Britain to help more entrepreneurs get their business ideas off the ground. This is an excellent opportunity to start the journey.

The StartUp Britain Bus will be at Windrush Square on 10 October between 10am to 4pm. Find out more here.