Ice cold corporate bar pops up in Brixton Windrush Square despite protest from locals

The Coors Ice Bar sets up camp in Windrush Square
The Coors Ice Bar sets up camp in Windrush Square

A Coors ice bar will open in Windrush Square on Saturday, despite objections from some residents.

The free pop-up Ice Bar bar will be in situ from Saturday 13-18th December, a decision which has caused a number of residents to vent their anger on social media sites. Jennifer says “So for years they try to get the drunks out of the square and now they put a bar in it… How ironic,” Gillian says “This makes me furious” and Vanessa critisises what she deems “corporate money making schemes taking over a public space meant for all to enjoy”.

The venue will be decked out as one part alpine lodge  and one part ice bar with temperatures plummeting to -5°c. Thermal capes and gloves will be offered to wear inside, and paying for drinks is done using ‘intelligent wristbands’.

After its Brixton tenure, the Ice Bar heads to Manchester.

General admission to the Ice Bar and alpine lodge is free and done through:






  1. I think it’s great that Brixton is being appreciated as a great place to meet friends and go out and have a drink, but this is one UGLY piece of marketing. I have to walk past it every day on my way to and from work, and am dreading it finally opening!

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