Brixton Butchers Tips For Christmas

DombeysFor many people, the centrepiece of the Christmas meal involves meat and throughout the year, the most common question people ask me about food in Brixton is what butcher I use. I’ve combined the two things into a handy festive guide.

I use a mix and match approach to meat shopping in the area and use 3 or 4 butchers depending what I’m buying. See my tips for Brixton butchers below or see Eat In Brixton’s guide here too.

Dombey’s, Market Row sell beautiful smoked hams big enough to feed the hungriest of families over the festive period. You’ll see them hanging up from the middle of December with their dark smoky coating in the Caribbean style (as seen in the photo above). You can also get your turkey from here, but order both soon as the queues are huge close to the big day. They are now stocking duck as well. The staff are friendly and give excellent advice on weights and techniques. They open on Mondays in December.

PJ Horwoods, 1st Avenue Brixton Village (Pope’s Rd exit) are excellent for sausages for your stuffing and cuts such as ribs and brisket for slow cooked meals coming up to Christmas and New Year. They can order things for you and will cut and trim to your standards. Make sure you allow plenty of time to stand behind the very exacting old ladies who shop here. Closed Mondays.

Las Americas, 1st Avenue Brixton Village (by Honest Burger) known as the Colombian butcher to everyone, this is a must shop for me. I buy their picanha steak and ask them to slice into thick steaks for me. Spiral cut for great flavour and texture, it’s a cut above fillet for me at only £15 a kilo. I also get salted pork here to for New Year dishes with black eyed peas and tripe to make mondongo which is Colombia’s hangover cure. Don’t miss the chorizo Colombiano for a garlicky take on stuffing.

Brixton Foods, Electric Avenue: I buy mutton and goat for warming winter curries from this halal butcher. You can also get joints of both meats here too if you ask in advance. They also sell smoked turkey and gizzards for gorgeous Christmas gravy.