Tesco ‘profit inflator’ spotted for sale in Brixton supermarket

PUMPED: This 'profit inflator' was spotted in Tesco, Acre Lane, Brixton on Saturday
PUMPED: This ‘profit inflator’ was spotted in Tesco, Acre Lane, Brixton on Saturday

Cheeky Brixton grocery pranksters id-iom have been up to their tricks again, with a ‘profit inflator’ being spotted in Tesco, Acre Lane.

Available for the bargain price of £1, the device is apparently a light-hearted reaction to news this week that the supermarket giant had recently overstated its profits to the tune of £263million.

Packaging on the plastic pump says: “Pumps up to £250million. Please use carefully.”

The artists id:iom have form in this supermarket. In September blue ‘Bantha’ milk appeared on the shelves. They have also changed labels on wine bottles at the store, replacing them with sardonic descriptions.

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