Brixton Pub Review – Duke of Edinburgh

Duke of EdinburghThe Space

The uncluttered, modestly decorated spaces in the pub make for a comfortable atmosphere no matter the time of night (or day). Grab a stool, a chair or a spot on a cosy leather couch and enjoy the well-adorned, well-sized spaces.

The Punters

A mild variation between the noticeably young and not quite middle aged.

The Booze

A standard mix of most things you’d expect – ales on rotation as well as a few regulars, some decent wines and the pub’s very own version of the Bloody Mary. Certainly nothing missing but nothing extraordinary either.

Duke of EdinburghThe Grub

Well-priced, unpretentious pub classics. Of course in keeping with the diversity of South London, there are a few tasty twists to the menu too.

The Damage

Like the booze really – you’ll not be surprised either way. Perfect for mid-depth pockets.

An Interesting Fact

There’s a bloomin’ great Rhino in the bloomin’ great beer garden (both of which which happen to be among the largest this side of the river).

The Highlights

It’s a great place to watch sport of all kinds. There are TVs everywhere, expertly affixed to cover all viewing angles without making the place feel like William Hill.

Duke of EdinburghWhat’s a bit rubbish?

It’s a popular place for a reason. But when it’s busy (like during sporting events) it can be hard to find room to stand – let alone sit. The lack of any door staff during the day is probably the cause, and the occasional surly bar person is perhaps one of the consequences.

What else they got in the bag?

Did we mention the beer garden already?

To sum it up…

Just like the current holder of the royal title, the Duke of Edinburgh pub is unassuming, uncomplicated, and certainly not outspoken – a classic style pub who’s had no trouble adapting to modernity.

For the pub’s website, click here.

Address: 204 Ferndale Road, London, SW9 8AG

Tel: 020 7326 0301

Brixton Pub Review – The Duke of Edinburgh by Sam O’Flaherty