Brixton Pub Review – The Marquis of Lorne

Marquis of LorneThe Space

The tile façade is stunning, but it can make the interior feel rather drab at first glance. But the pub has everything you’d expect in an old classic – stools, pool, football on TV, Guinness adverts and carpet that absorbs spillages better than a sponge.

The Punters

Slightly off the beaten track, it’s frequented almost exclusively by ‘locals’. So as a newcomer you might feel like the timid lamb among a bunch of drunk old lions. But that’s what beer’s for, right?

The Booze

The selection of beer, wines and spirits is wide enough to please most, and narrow enough to make for quick decisions. Basically, everything you need to get into the spirit of yelling obscenities at the TV when the football’s on.

The Damage

A proper old man boozer, charging prices that won’t cause an old man to grumble.

Marquis of LorneAn Interesting Fact

Mike Skinner of The Streets shot a bit of a music video in here a few years back. And got rather drunk while he was at it too, apparently.

The Highlights

You’ll never have to queue at the bar or squeeze past other punters on your way to the toilet. Other than a few regulars, this place is often pretty quiet.

What’s a bit rubbish?


What else they got in the bag?

Darts. Free peanuts. The occasional pub quiz. To be honest, this place doesn’t set out to surprise anyone. It just wants to be a traditional boozer.

To sum it up…

Marquis of LorneWithout sounding too cynical, it’s a relic. Loved by those who live next door and overlooked by many others, The Marquis of Lorne is a beautiful, unmodernised boozer that’s well worth a look.


Address: 49a Dalyell Road, Brixton, London SW9 9SA


Brixton Pub Review – The Marquis of Lorne, written by Sam O’Flaherty