Brixton Pub Review – Trinity Arms

Trinity ArmsThe Space

The pub has a cosy charm. There’s a gated courtyard at the front of the building which looks out onto one of Brixton’s most beautiful squares. The bar is central, surrounded by worn armchairs and warm colours. A country pub vibe. And there’s a huge garden out back.

 The Punters

A mixture of old school locals and young couples. A typical Young’s pub, you could argue.

The Booze

A good selection of beer and cider (including ales). A nice wine collection too – with the menu stretched inventively across a wine bottle.

Trinity ArmsThe Grub

Much like the drinks, food is reasonably priced and channels that line between pub food and restaurant cuisine.

The Damage

A pint is about £4 and up. Dinner is, on average, about £9-£15 a main course.

The Highlights

The Secret Garden. The Trinity Arms has a pleasant garden space out back so rare in Brixton. Complete with cushions, blankets and a fire pit it’s one of the best in the area.

Trinity ArmsWhat’s a bit rubbish?

Lack of music and things for people to do. This really takes away from the atmosphere. However, it makes it good for that quiet pint.

What else they got in the bag?

They have a very cute cat and a video of a fireplace on a TV screen. Oh, and there’s a small selection of board games.

Interesting Fact

The pub is named after the Trinity Asylum on Acre Lane, which was founded for poor women who professed belief in the Holy Trinity by Thomas Bailey.

To sum it up…

Trinity Arms is a comforting space, bringing a taste of the country to central Brixton – a pint is a warm, homely experience.

You can also read our interview with the manager here.


Trinity Arms Website

Address: 45 Trinity Gardens, London, SW9 8DR

Tel: 020 2744544

Brixton Pub Review – Trinity Arms written by Stephen