Campaign to stop redevelopment of Lambeth College’s Brixton Hill campus

A public meeting is being held to oppose the redevelopment of Lambeth College’s Brixton Hill campus.

SEA posterArranged by staff at the college the meeting, entitled Stop Education Attacks, is a reaction to Lambeth College’s announcement that the site could be sold to property developers.

The proposal for the centre, described by the college as “underused, in poor condition and expensive to maintain”, would be either a complete redevelopment of the site as housing, or part of the site while rebuilding college facilities on the remaining land.

Staff believe the redevelopment will have adverse affects on the education of Brixton students, and are launching a campaign to stop it.

The meeting will take place at London Town Hall on Monday 14 October between 6pm and 8pm.

Speakers will include Mandy Brown from the University and College Union and an ESOL student.


  1. Mark on OFSTED misses out the point that the major criticism in the inspection was of the management (grade 4) not the teaching. Now another set of managers having been brought in from outside the borough have decided to sell the Brixton College site to private developers. No consultation with staff, students or the community.

    Whether any education facility appears amongst the luxury flats has yet to be determined. Let’s remember South London College, later the Norwood site of Lambeth College. Built as a brand new college in the mid1970s it was closed and sold by Lambeth College management in the late 1990s, knocked down and is now a Yellow Storage facility!

    This could be well just be an example of further asset stripping. State assets paid for by the tax payer, sold off by college corporations not accountable to anyone.

    The south of the borough has no FE provision, now it seems Brixton wont have either. Perhaps the managers believe everyone should move to Clapham?

  2. Though the last Ofsted – re-Inspection showed that that there had been progress, the last full inspection showed that this establishment along with the rest of Lambeth College in Clapham and Vauxhall was judged Inadequate. This is the equivalent of ‘very poor’, as judged in Feb 2012.
    This is the equivalent of being told what is wrong and being held by the had to put things right. Perhaps the college itself is the most guilty of damaging children’s education?

    Let us hope whatever goes in its place is of better quality that what is there now.

  3. Don’t waste your time. The juggernaut has already started. That area and those down the road will be bulldozed, demolished, smashed, razed, pulverised, and crushed. Then out of the smoking debris, huge concrete monsters will arise and aloft high high high, domineering the Brixton skyline. Afterwards, over night, Foxton For Sale signs pop up on the monster’s exterior like like daffodils blooming in Spring, or like a small pox victim, depending how you see it.

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