Brockwell Park home to feature on Grand Designs tonight!

grand designs brockwell park
GRAND: Ben and Rachel Hammond with Kevin McCloud

A “modernist masterpiece” home, built on the northern fringe of Brockwell Park, Herne Hill, is to feature on the Channel 4 show Grand Designs tonight (Wednesday) at 9pm.

Read our interview with Rachel Hammond and Zac Monro

The episode will follow the story of Ben and Rachel Hammond, and Brixton architect Zac Monro, as they convert the former red-brick outbuilding of St Jude’s Church, Dulwich Road into a slick, modern family home.

Curious dog walkers and joggers have watched the building going up, and presenter Kevin McCloud come and go, because the plot juts out well into the park.

Grand Designs house Brockwell Park
MODERNIST: The house as viewed from the park. Picture by Tom James.

Brixton Blog has an exclusive interview with the family, architect and pictures – which will be available at 10pm tomorrow, immediately after the show is broadcast.

Another Brixton home to feature on Grand Designs is The Slip House, in Lyham Road.

More on tomorrow’s episode from Channel 4 here.

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  1. Hello, hope Rachel is still reading this. ….. We love your amazing house and would be extremely grateful if you could let us know who supplied your ‘rolling wall’. We are in the middle of renovating our house and it’s exactly what we are looking for, but we are struggling to source one. Many thanks

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