Lambeth launches donation scheme for the Country Show

The funfair at Lambeth Country Show - pic by Kaye Wiggins
The funfair at Lambeth Country Show – pic by Kaye Wiggins

Lambeth Council is asking for public donations to keep the Lambeth Country Show a free event.

The Lambeth Country Show Fund was launched this week for locals to support the annual festival. Donations can be made online, via text or at the event itself. 60% of the money raised will go to the Lambeth Country Show, while 40% will be given to local charities associated with Lambeth Giving.

Sally Prentice, cabinet member for culture and leisure, said: “In the current economic climate, the pressures on local government finance are huge, particularly in terms of the growing demand for adult social care and children’s social needs. We’ve lost at least £94 million worth of funding.

“We don’t want to introduce charges [for the show]. I think that’s particularly important when some people in Lambeth are having a particularly tough time with all the benefits changes. Many other councils have charged for festivals; we currently don’t do that. So we are testing out a voluntary donation scheme this year. I would encourage everyone to give generously to the country show.”

People can donate through the Just Giving page or can text the number 70070 with “TLCS99” followed by £ sign and the donation amount (e.g. “TLCS99 £10”). There will also be collection buckets at the Lambeth Country Show on July 20 and 21.

Residents cannot actually donate money directly to the council itself, so the donations will go to the London Community Foundation, which will then give Lambeth Council the full amount as a grant.

If the initiative works, the council will consider a similar donation scheme for the fireworks in November this year.



  1. How about Foxtons making a contribution, they’re making enough money out of the area, perhaps it’s time they gave something back.

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