IN PICTURES: When the heavens opened at Lambeth Country Show 2014

DON'T TURN AROUND: One Aswad fan stays put in front of the main stage as thunderstorms gave the Lambeth Country Show-goers an early bath. Picture by @Cononino on Flickr.
DON’T TURN AROUND: One Aswad fan stays put in front of the main stage as thunderstorms gave the Lambeth Country Show-goers an early bath. Picture by @Coconino on Flickr.

Even weather on a biblical scale failed to dampen the spirits of the estimated 100,000 people who ventured to day two of the 4oth Lambeth Country Show yesterday.

The heavens opened just before 5pm, with an impressive thunderstorm leading to an early end to the event. The much-hyped headliners Aswad were cancelled for safety reasons. In a twist of soggy irony, the reggae and R&B group are perhaps best known for their 1988 hit “Shine”.

As these pictures show, however, the downpour did little to dampen spirits as staff cleared Brockwell Park, and revellers shared smiles and cider as the storm hit.

As these remarkable photographs by @Coconino, via Flickr, show, one sedentary Aswad fan was determined not to let his fun get rained off… send us your pics to


  1. Ditto to the last two comments!

    I attended the Country Show on Saturday and thoroughly enjoyed myself. Was just about to pop down there again on Sunday afternoon, but it started to rain.

    Lambeth does well in the organisation of such a large event attended by loads of people. Well done Lambeth!! Looking forward to next year!

  2. Stand as a Councillor yourself and then you can influence change. Now that you are no longer a ‘staunch Labour supporter’ the Conservative Party in Lambeth would surely welcome you if you haven’t already joined?

  3. Could someone please let me have a contact number or address for the Brixton Bugle. Yesterday I couldnt find a copy in either the Ritzy or library.
    Thank you.

  4. A little unfair to blame Labour. Even the weather is beyond their control.The decision to close early ( at 5pm instead of 7.30pm since it was due to end then anyway) must have been made by a senior Council Officer (not an elected councillor), the Police and in consultation with other emergency services, surely not solely a Labour politician? Since 1974 there has been 8 years of no overall control and 4 years of the Lib Dems along with their longstanding Tory chums. That amounts to 12 of the shows where Labour have not been in power so again alittle unfair to blame just Labour as they (the shows) have never been ‘right’ or were they 100% spot on under the non-Labour Councils? Lambeth is one of the very few Councils in the capital to stage an event on this magnitude for residents and those living further afield. The Council does this at a net loss to its coffers. Like the bonfire display Lambeth is one of the few Councils that does this event and for free, again not a money making exercise. It is always going to be extremely difficult to please that vast amount of people all of the time but surely there must have been something for everyone to enjoy over the weekend? Brockwell Park Partners and Lambeth Council stage a lot of events throughout the year in this park. There was a film showing one evening about a 6 weeks ago, the dog show 2 weeks ago, tree and wildlife tours throughout the year etc. Superb revamp of the ponds, plantation of new trees, upgrade of playgrounds and the clock tower. The Lido is still standing after being threatened with closure in the early 2000s. All this has been done under the watch of a Lambeth Labour Council. Lambeth could have easily cancelled the whole event citing financial constraints or charged an entrance fee of say £10 per person but it chose not to and open it up for all to enjoy as it has done so for the last 40 years irrespective of what political party leads on the council. On recycling, peolple have to take some responsibility for their own rubbish and the amount strewn in the park today is obvious that that is not always the case. No paper recycling bin then take it home in a bag and pop it in your home recycling waste – how much cardboard and paper would an individual have had at this event anyway?

  5. Sadly after 40 years those who ‘organise’ this event still cant get it right. As a long standing resident of Lambeth I was appalled when it was cancelled due to rain. When we were told to go home after the rain continued after 25 minutes we booed the Council Representative as a killjoy. No doubt he was just following orders though. I would like to know who made such a bad decision; if anyone is prepared to own up to it. We get rain half the time in this country and you take a risk if you dont take an umbrella but you accept this risk. You dont expect namby-pambies to worry that someone might slip over if they run in such conditions (as I actually saw) as it goes with the territory. On the other side of the coin I see recycling for glass and metal but not paper and cardboard (which in my book is more important). Felt particularly sorry for the traders who must have lost hundreds of pounds in unsold stock (particularly food). Even when rain stopped we were still told to go with the endless announcements for traders to stop serving people. I used to be a staunch Labour supporter but my experiences with things like this and road humps, useless brick pavements that sink; the list is endless. I think people need to stand up against this rubbish…and all such control freaks.

    • It was almost 2 full days (of brilliant entertainment and fantastic weather) cut short – slightly (not “cancelled”). Get over yourself.
      Well done to all concerned, especially the volunteers.

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