Take Two: Write for Rights! @ Dogstar and Alps @ Ritzy Cinema

Tuesday December 11

Take One: Write for Rights! @ Dogstar Brixton

The Lambeth Amnesty International group will be meeting at the Dogstar to write messages to the people and communities who feature on this year’s Write for Rights campaign. You can see the list here. The group will also be carol singing at Brixton tube station at 5-7pm.

Write for Rights! at Dogstar, 6pm

Take Two: Alps @ Ritzy Cinema

Tonight’s ‘Discover Tuesday’ film at the Ritzy is Alps, a film about a shadowy quartet named after various alpine peaks who are hired to impersonate the recently deceased in order to ease the grieving of their bereaved families. It’s directed by Giorgos Lanthimos, whose stark film Dogtooth was nominated for an Oscar.

Alps at Ritzy Cinema, 6.30pm