Take Two: Brixton Rec meeting and Beggars’ Opera @ Brixton Jamm

Monday December 10

Take One: Brixton Rec Users’ meeting @ Brixton Rec

Take an hour to go to the Brixton Rec meeting at 6.30pm tonight and hear Cllr Lib Peck and Cllr Sally Prentice discuss potential plans for the Brixton Recreation Centre. Check out the users’ group facebook page here for future events.

BRUG meeting at Brixton Recreation Centre, 6.30pm, Social Room on Level 5

Take Two: The Beggar’s Opera @ Brixton Jamm

Well, here’s a new one. The King’s Opera company is putting on a performance of Benjamin Britten’s adaptation of The Beggar’s OperaThe site-specific performance will use the entire nightclub and draw the viewers in, Punchdrunk style. You’re invited to arrive in 1960s dress.

The Beggar’s Opera at Brixton Jamm, 261 Brixton Road, 8pm, £12